Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo

Logicom Group company quickly and efficiently provides international transport of goods by road As practice shows, road transport is the most advantageous, quick and inexpensive way to deliver your large and oversized cargo from anywhere in Europe, countries of CIS and Ukraine.

International oversize cargo transportations are not dependent on the functioning of seaports and airports, their costs are almost always lower, and the speed of delivery is often faster, so this type of carriage is highly demanded after for any business.

Transport-expeditionary company Logicom Group has extensive experience in organizing transportation of non-standard cargoes from Europe and CIS countries in Ukraine and on the territory of Ukraine. We take care of all the issues associated with the processing of permits and customs documents, delivering a cargo of any complexity from the consignor to your warehouse.

Transportation of oversized goods, which we offer, it is a guaranteed safety of goods, timely delivery at any time of the year, professional approach to our commitments to customers and partners.

We offer a full range of services in this area as well:

  1. The development of primary and secondary routes taking into account load of major roadways and turnover capacity of oversized cargo.
  2. Account and minimizing of possible risks during the carriage of oversized cargo.
  3. Selection of the required type of transport, securing of the cargo.
  4. Professional supervision of loading and unloading of the goods, taking into account their peculiarities.
  5. Preparing and collecting all necessary supporting documents and permits
  6. Cargo insurance against “all risks”

In our fleet, there are a equipment and vehicle trailers, which will allow to carry out transportation of any complexity. We will help you to select the type of transport taking into account the peculiarities of your cargo.

The main types of transported goods:

  1. International transport of agricultural machinery by trawls.
  2. International shipping by oversized platforms of the construction equipment.
  3. International transportation by oversized platforms of the industrial equipment.
  4. International transportation by oversized platforms of the water transport.

We have all necessary permits for transportation of non-standard cargoes and cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities. Provide safe transportation according to approved schemes at a certain time. Our lawyers constantly monitor any changes in the current legislation of the countries through which the cargo is transported, so you can always be sure of its timely delivery.

  1. Oversized international road transport between European States and Ukraine.
  2. International transportation of oversized cargo between Europe and the Caucasus.
  3. Road transportation of the oversize cargo on the territory of the European Union.
  4. Oversized cargo transportation between EU countries and Poland.
  5. Oversized cargo transportation between Turkey and Ukraine.
  6. Road oversized transportation between Europe and Turkey.
  7. The transportation of oversized cargos between the Balkans and Western Europe.
  8. Road transport of oversized cargos on the territory of Poland.
  9. Transportation of oversized cargo on the territory of Ukraine.

Addressing our experts, you get a guarantee of timely delivery and complete safety of the cargo. Quick and quality delivery with control of the transportation process at any time by GPS and GLONASS, adherence to deadlines prescribed in the contract, insurance of all types of cargo – with Logicom Group you will be assured of a successful transportation of any complexity.


Our advantages are obvious:

Work with any goods. Company Logicom Group has been transporting all types of oversized cargo, regardless of the geography of shipping and cargo parameters.

Financial guarantees. Your goods will be insured and we will bear full financial responsibility for its safety on the entire route. If any force majeure situations you will receive full compensation for the value or losses arising from late delivery.

Favorable conditions. Logicom Group company offers for its clients very competitive transfer rates for the carriage of the oversized cargo from countries of the European Union to Ukraine.

Extensive experience. On the international transportation market our company has been more than 7 years. During this time we established cooperation with many foreign partners, which allows us to guarantee timely delivery of any cargo.

The overwhelming geography. Oversized cargo delivery is carried out across Europe, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and CIS countries. Our specialists and consultants will provide you with 24-hour assistance at any time. For all questions you can always contact us by phone listed on the site.

Affordable prices from professionals. Logicom Group Company is an international experienced carrier of oversized cargo. If you need to carry out any oversized transportation inexpensively and with a guarantee, our specialists are ready to assist in any way they can. Our prices are affordable, our professionalism is obvious, we will provide any assistance in organizing transportation of all types of cargo at any time.

Our company organizes international cargo transportations of in the legal field, so all transportations are regulated by the conventions, such as: Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) of 1956, TIR Convention of 1975, the AETR Agreement of 1970, the Convention on common transit procedure (procedure T), European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR). During transit across the territory of one state, regulated by the legislation of the country.

Choose the right service for you right now or order an individual miscalculation from the Manager on the phone  +48 (22) 390-64-48 or write to us at mail.