Transportation of hazardous

Transportation of hazardous

The international carriage of dangerous goods or ADR-carriage, which is offered by our company, is a popular service in the modern business. What is the ADR? It’s short for the international instrument (European agreement on the transport of dangerous goods), which classifies and prescribes the rules of packing and transportation.

Transportation of ADR goods is a very important task, which you can trust not to each carrier. The slightest negligence or inattention can lead to very bad consequences: explosion, leakage or fire with dangerous or toxic substances that will require considerable material and human resources to deal with the consequences.

Pesticides and poisons, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic and radioactive substances, liquefied gases and similar goods require maximum attention and planning. Employees of the Logicom Group company have sufficient international experience of the most complex ADR transport, taking into account existing European norms, rules and conventions.

We quickly, cheaply and efficiently organize cargo transportation of dangerous goods from Europe, Turkey, and CIS countries. We guarantee compliance with deadlines, fast and efficient delivery.

Transportation of dangerous goods requires careful preparation, which includes:

  1. Selection of the required type of vehicles.
  2. Preparation and planning of loading, the design of the sufficient load securing.
  3. Preparation of all necessary documentation.
  4. Selection of the safest route (not crowded unloaded roads, the route bypassing inhabited localities).

Carriage of dangerous goods is one of the types of transportation that requires special vehicles, having admittance to such services. In addition, the driver must have the necessary skills and admittance.

The Group Logicom company uses modern fleet that meets all standards of Euro5, for ADR transport operations:

  1. Awning semi-trailers (carriage of packaged goods).
  2. Insulated semitrailers for dangerous goods requiring specific temperature and humidity conditions during transportation.
  3. Refrigerated road vehicles for carriage of goods that require strict temperature.
  4. Tank car for dry and liquid substances, liquefied gases.
  5. In addition, in certain conditions, cargo trucks and container vehicles can be used.

Delivery of dangerous goods from the Logicom Group is:

  1. Extensive experience and low prices..
  2. Delivery within specified time limits.
  3. Serviceable vehicles, qualified professional drivers.
  4. Guarantee of the full safety of dangerous goods.
  5. Maximum delivery geography – Europe, Turkey, CIS countries and Ukraine.

We will take all necessary expenses on the insurance of your cargo, provide with all required permits. If necessary, upon customer’s request, we arrange escort of high-risk goods. The customer obtains control of the carriage at each of its stages, after the arrival of the cargo to the endpoint he is immediately informed.

With the Logicom Group company, you will get unlimited possibilities and complete safety in the transport of dangerous goods. We guarantee your calmness since loading and until unloading at the end of the route.

  1. International road carriages of dangerous goods from Europe to Ukraine.
  2. International road carriage of ADR dangerous goods from Europe to the Caucasus.
  3. Road transportation of ADR dangerous goods on the territory of the European Union.
  4. Transport of ADR dangerous goods between the EU and Poland.
  5. Dangerous goods transportation from Turkey to Ukraine.
  6. Road transport of dangerous goods from Europe to Turkey.
  7. Transport of dangerous goods with the temperature regime between the Balkans and Western Europe.
  8. Road transport of dangerous goods on the territory of Poland.
  9. ADR dangerous goods carriage on the territory of Ukraine.

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