Refrigerated transportation

Refrigerated transportation

Logicom Group performs refrigerated transportation by road freight transport, because it is the most affordable and efficient way to provide qualitative and prompt delivery with temperature control at every stage of transportation.

International refrigerated cargo transportation is one of the priority orientations of Logicom Group. Our Company has an extensive experience in this segment of transportation by road. We will deliver your cargo using our own fleet of vehicles and freight forwarding fleet, as well as refrigerated trucks and insulated vans within the established deadlines and take on the task of the customs processing of documents. Depending on the delivery destination, we will specify the optimal delivery period.

Transportation of perishable goods is rather specific, and when planning transportation many factors should be taken into account. It is necessary to choose the right type of transport (refrigerated truck or insulated van) depending on the type of cargo, to develop several routes against the possibility of the occurrence of force majeure situation in order to be sure of the punctual delivery.

International refrigerated transportation is carried out by the vehicles with refrigeration chambers attached to the semitrailer or by the hermetically sealed insulated vans, which work on the thermos principle after loading the cargo, maintaining the temperature on the same level.

Refrigerated trucks are required for transportation of food products (including deep freeze), pharmaceutical drugs, fresh flowers and any refrigerated products. They maintain a preset temperature from -25 to +25º C.

Insulated vans are used for transportation of short-term storage goods such as smoked meat and fish, dairy products, canned food, fruits and vegetables.

In years of work in the freight market, the transportation and shipping company Logicom Group has been able to establish strong relations with foreign partners, ensuring the uninterrupted supply of goods of any volume from any point of departure.

Our proposals:

    1. Functional and fully operational fleet of refrigerated trucks and insulated vans equipped with loggers and self-recorders (for temperature control).
    2. Cargo transportation at the temperatures from +15 to -25º C.
    3. Full compliance of motor vehicles with all sanitary norms and requirements accepted in the countries of European Community, CIS etc.
    4. The possibility of formation of the consolidated refrigerated cargoes (under condition of similarity of transport conditions and temperature regimes).
    5. All-risks insurance of goods and the freight forwarder liability insurance*.
    6. Different payment options.
    7. Consultation services, assistance in processing of any documents such as customs documents.
    8. GPS-monitoring of vehicles, possibility to track the whereabouts of cargo at any time.

* The cargo insurance is carried out at the customer’s request. Insurance is not included in the cost of transportation.

Our Company performs the transportation of cargoes, which require a temperature control, for different branches and sectors of industry, such as pharmaceutical drugs, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), food products, perishable goods, vegetables and fruits, alcoholic products, cosmetics, metallurgical and chemical products. These cargoes can be delivered in refrigerating conditions, heating conditions or deep freeze conditions.

  1. International refrigerated road transportation between European countries and Ukraine.
  2. International refrigerated road transportation between European countries and Caucasus.
  3. International refrigerated road transportation through the territory of the European Union.
  4. Temperature-controlled transportation between European countries and Poland.
  5. Refrigerated cargo transportation between Turkey and Ukraine.
  6. Refrigerated road transportation between European countries and Turkey.
  7. Temperature-controlled transportation between South-Eastern Europe and Western Europe.
  8. Refrigerated road transportation through the territory of Poland.
  9. Refrigerated cargo transportation through the territory of Ukraine.

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