Intra-european transportation

Shipping in Europe

Logicom Group provides the full range of services for cargo transportation with road transport throughout Europe with due account for the individual tasks of each customer. We conduct activities from two centers: Kiev (Ukraine) and Warsaw (Poland). We have an extensive European fleet of motor vehicles and a network of storage yards.

We perform the Less than Truckload (LTL) freight shipping and delivery by individual vehicles.

Our services are attractive for small companies and big companies engaged in production or trade. The cargo transportation is of profound importance for the companies engaged in the business in several countries at once.

The main advantages of the intra-European outsourcing transportation:

  1. Economies in own vehicles;
  2. Wide geographical spread;
  3. Fast delivery of any cargo;
  4. Getting rid of paperwork;
  5. Risk minimization;
  6. Increase of goods turnover volume.

Logicom Group has been operating for over 7 years. During this period, working with different cross-sectional companies, we formed our own fleet of highly specialized motor vehicles. Today, we can deliver goods from 100 kg to 24 tons to anywhere in Europe by road using tilt-covered trucks, refrigerated trucks and controlled temperature transport. The goods can be delivered as a part of consolidated cargo (warehouses in Poland, Germany and Italy) and by individual vehicles with the possibility of additional loading in Europe.

The work experience of our team allows us to comply with the established delivery period, and cargo insurance will ensure the 100 per cent integrity and safety of your cargo. Besides, all vehicles are equipped with a GPS-monitoring system, which makes it possible to track the whereabouts of cargo at any time.

Refrigerated trucks allow delivering cargo with the narrow storage temperature range at any time of the year.

  1. Tilt-covered trucks (curtains, tarpaulins, and coupling hitches) are intended for transportation of consolidated cargo, metals, building materials, household chemicals, food products, processed forest products etc.
  2. Controlled temperature vehicles are intended for transportation of perishable products, non-hazardous chemical reagents, food products with strict climatic regime of transportation and storage.
  3. Vehicle with an all-steel body are intended for transportation of fragile goods or cargo requiring particular conditions for transportation.
  4. Tank for edible liquids.
  5. Tank for chemicals (out of gauge) are intended for transportation of dangerous goods (acids, alkalies etc.).

In the course of our work, we gained experience in execution and transportation of various cargoes, including special cargoes such as:

  1. Iive plants;
  2. Medical goods;
  3. Diplomatic goods;
  4. Dangerous goods according to ADR;
  5. Fppliances and electronics;
  6. Clothes and textile goods;
  7. Consumer goods;
  8. Household chemicals and cosmetics;
  9. Raw materials and goods for machinery manufacturing;
  10. Oil and gas;
  11. Properly sized goods (including motor cars);
  12. Food products (including bulk and liquid goods, alcohol, vegetables and fruits);
  13. Tobacco products.

You just need to order the transportation of cargo throughout Europe, and we will take on the task of transportation and customs processing of documents. Our specialists will use all the advantages of the individual types of motor vehicles in order to optimize the cargo transportation to the greatest possible extent and to deliver goods within the established time limit.

Logicom Group performs the cargo transportation between all regions and countries of Europe. Owing to the second Coordination Centre in Warsaw, we developed the quickest possible routes to deliver goods from/to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom to Poland and the Czech Republic.

The complete package of documents filled in accordance with the latest regulations is required for cargo transportation. We perform the complete execution of documentation for cargo transportation throughout Europe:

  1. Driver’s documents (licenses and permits for transportation of certain categories of goods);
  2. Documents relating to the vehicle (vehicle inspection card, motor vehicle certificate of title, motor vehicle trip ticket with the predetermined duration of the route (no more than one month));
  3. Shipping documents (intra-European authorizations and approvals, specifications, customs documents, supplementary sheets, etc.)

Besides, we provide the full range of consultation services regarding filling out the shipping documentation for dispatch and/or receipt of goods to/from Central Europe, Western Europe and Ukraine.

  1. Availability of own fleet of specialized vehicles. You will not wait until we select the necessary vehicle; we have whatever is required to schedule transportation for tomorrow.
  2. Well-developed system of consolidation warehouses. Transportation of consolidated cargo should be much cheaper for our customers.
  3. Simplified paperwork system. You should provide information, and we will take on the task of customs processing of documents. Due to 7-year work experience of our experts, the execution of authorization documents takes only a couple of hours.
  4. GPS-monitoring system. We always track the whereabouts of cargo and know when it will be at the point of destination.
  5. Guarantee of the safety of goods and insurance. We comply fully with the terms and conditions of the contract, therefore Pernod Ricard Ukraine, HIPP, Beiersdorf, WINDROSE are among our loyal customers, who have already appreciated our scrupulousness.
  6. Payment on delivery. You pay when convince of the integrity and safety of your goods. For customers from Ukraine the payments in hryvnias is allowed!


Choose the right service for you right now or order an individual miscalculation from the Manager on the phone  +48 (22) 390-64-48 or write to us at mail.