Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage

Company Logicom Group provides customs brokerage services in Ukraine. Customs brokerage services from LOGICOM GROUP are the economy of Your time by means of the transfer of all the hassle of customs procedures to the experts in their field. If your field of activity is related to international cargo transportation, export, and import of goods, it means that you have already had difficulties at customs. Customs broker LOGICOM GROUP will solve all issues regarding the transportation of goods through the customs quickly, competently, easily, and you don’t have to spend valuable business time on paperwork.

  1. Accreditation at customs – the whole list of documents for accreditation at the customs office at the first registration of the company, or a complete transfer of all procedures related to registration with the customs authority to our experts.
  2. Code definition of goods under the Ukrainian Commodity Coding System (UKTZED) – consulting services on the correct selection of the code of the transported goods for customs clearance.
  3. Calculation of customs duties of imported goods – a full calculation of payments for importers.
  4. Customs clearance in import regime (temporary import of raw materials, importation of goods for warranty service, etc.) and export — filling in of the commodity-transport, financial and other approvals.
  5. Services of importer and exporter – brokerage services to individuals and legal entities for the import/export of goods on behalf both of the company (technical export and import), and of the broker.
  6. Obtaining permits, preparation of contracts and shipping documents;
  7. Consultations on foreign economic activity issues;
  8. Comprehensive outsourcing of foreign economic activity.

  1. We have 7 years of experience with customs authorities. LOGICOM GROUP provides brokerage services on the Ukrainian market since 2011. During this time we learned all the features and specifics of each customs office.
  2. Deliver any goods both quickly and efficiently. We faced processing of the most specific shipments, including ADR class. Therefore, all procedures have already brought to automatism.
  3. We provide comprehensive services of the customs broker. We have a large database of proven carriers and partners, with this we can guarantee 100% safety and strict adherence to the terms of the contract.
  4. We gain your trust. Thousands of regular customers started cooperation with us with the usual consultations.
  5. The most pleasant prices for brokerage services. We try to earn not only once, but to work for years. That is why we have such pleasant prices.

Choose the right service for you right now or order an individual miscalculation from the Manager on the phone  +48 (22) 390-64-48 or write to us at mail.