Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits

Logicom Group company provides international transportation of vegetables and fruits quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Guaranteed quick and quality service, extensive experience of our employees in such deliveries allows to consider all wishes of the customers, delivering the cargo at the maximum distance.

Transportation of vegetables and fruits is in demand for the entire calendar year. The climate of certain countries do not allow them to satisfy the needs of the population in quality products of own production, so the transport company on transportation of vegetables and fruits help to meet the demand in full.

Import-export of vegetable and fruit production is estimated at millions of dollars, it provides food security of the country, and is also a source of vitamins and nutrients during the cold period of the year.

Transportation of vegetables by road must be performed in compliance with health and environmental regulations. It’s necessary to consider the seasonality of products and the peculiarities of each type of vegetables and fruits.

It is known, for example, that tangerines and oranges are very popular during the Christmas holidays, respectively, the turnover on these products significantly increases for many carriers from November to February.

Transportation of vegetables and fruits needs to take account of weather conditions. These products are extremely sensitive to the effects of temperature extremes, humidity, mechanical stress and other risk factors.

Badly fixed and carelessly packed cargo can go bad even at the beginning of the way, so creating the perfect temperature conditions, reliable fastening and precise packaging are the main factors of successful transport.

You should also take into account the fact that carriage of vegetables and fruits involves the delivery of perishable, so the most convenient route and fast shipping are very important. Most drivers on such deliveries work in pairs, which ensures round-the-clock movement of cargo almost nonstop.

We offer reasonable pricing for the transportation of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Unlike our competitors, our price does not increase significantly in the new year period, thanks to the well thought-out policy and cooperation with partners abroad. Regardless of the situation on the market, you will get the best conditions of delivery and payment.

Our clients can expect:

  1. An extensive fleet of vehicles with refrigerated units;
  2. Escorts of the cargo at all stages, customs clearance, assistance in passing the borders during the passage of the sanitary-epidemiological control.
  3. Use technically serviceable transport, which will ensure optimal storage conditions of products during transportation.
  4. Cargo handling in the warehouses of our foreign partners.
  5. Control the temperature of the cargo at any point in time.
  6. Advice on all transport logistics issues.
  7. Cargo insurance against “all risks”

For transportation we use special refrigerator fleet, which guarantees the safety of products at every stage of transport. For each variety of vegetables and fruits it’s set the optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

  1. International delivery of fruits and vegetables from Europe to Ukraine;
  2. Transportation of fruits and vegetables from Poland to Ukraine;
  3. The international carriage of vegetables and fruits from Turkey to Ukraine;
  4. Road transportation of fruits and vegetables in Europe;
  5. Transportation of cargoes of vegetables and fruits between EU countries and Poland.
  6. Transportation of cargoes of vegetables and fruits between the Balkans and Western Europe.
  7. International delivery of fruits from Spain to Ukraine.
  8. Transportation of fruit from Greece to Ukraine;
  9. International transportation of fruit from Caucasus to Ukraine;
  10. The international carriage of vegetables and fruits from Ukraine to EU countries;
  11. International delivery of vegetables from Ukraine to Central Asia;
  12. Transport of fruit and vegetables on the territory of Ukraine.

Knowledge of the market. Over 7 years we have been transporting the fruits and vegetables across Europe and importing to Ukraine, so thoroughly have studied all the features of the market. Because of this, we can guarantee the products carriage along the entire route and minimizing any force majeure.

All services. Addressing our team, you get a full range of services from one partner, from the provision of the necessary documentation, permits, loading and ending with the insurance, logistics, transportation, and unloading.

The presence of foreign partners. Using the capabilities of foreign partners, including warehousing and logistics, allows to improve the efficiency of the most difficult deliveries.

Maximum financial guarantees. Our partners are the most known insurance companies of Ukraine and Europe. Your cargo is fully insured against any unexpectedness.

Choose the right service for you right now or order an individual miscalculation from the Manager on the phone  +48 (22) 390-64-48 or write to us at mail.