If you are interested in high-quality and professional international transport of medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in the European Union and CIS countries Logicom Group company is at your service. Our offices in Kiev and Warsaw provide a full range of logistics services and delivery in the industry.

Transportation of medical supplies refers to a rather specific kind of delivery that requires special equipment and skills of staff skills. Over the years of our work, we have earned the reputation of a reliable partner in the transport of the products of medical and cosmetic industries, established many international relations and adapted our logistics to the needs of this sector.

We help to create a working system of uninterrupted deliveries throughout Europe and the CIS. Immediate and rapid transportation of pharmaceutical products from Logicom Group it is a guarantee of professional approach, control of the transportation process at every stage, meeting deadlines, fast and quality delivery.

For many medical and cosmetic manufacturers, networks and distributors of the Logicom Group company has become a trusted and reliable carrier with an impeccable reputation. We are far from template thinking, offering each client an individual approach in such issues as:

  1. The implementation of a full range of turnkey logistics.
  2. The functional and fully serviceable fleet of refrigerated and insulated trailers equipped with loggers and recorders (for temperature control). Clean trailers without foreign odours.
  3. Full compliance of the vehicles with all sanitary norms and requirements of the EU, CIS and so on.
  4. The formation of cargo consolidation (assuming similarity of transportation conditions and temperature regimes).
  5. As an additional service, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products insurance.

We transport such cargoes as:

  1. Medicines.
  2. Pharmaceuticals.
  3. Cosmetic products.
  4. Medical engineering and equipment.

Carriage of medicinal products includes various medicines in liquid, powder and other conditions. It should be understood that the majority of products stored in glass containers, so they need to be transported very carefully, securely fixing and protecting from any external influence.

The transportation of pharmaceutical products involves the delivery of various chemical reagents, medical equipment, and devices. Transportation of cosmetics is today one of the most popular directions of the industry and includes everything that produces the pharmaceutical industry for skin care, body, hair, etc.

often of non-standard dimensions. Besides, the cost of such equipment is very high, which imposes on the carrier certain responsibilities and obligations
We also perform transportation of medical equipment. This is particularly sensitive goods which are fragile and

We use specially prepared and adapted for the transportation of medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products refrigerated fleet. This is the most accessible, affordable and highly mobile way to deliver your cargo to any point on the map. Each of the semi-trailers of refrigerator type has everything needed for a safe delivery of the goods, and also provides the necessary microclimate for its preservation.

For transportation of medical equipment, our experts use the awning cars, which allows, if necessary, to provide various types of loading and securing cargo ith belts.

We provide international transport of medicines, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and equipment in such directions:

  1. International refrigerated transportation of cosmetics from Europe to the Caucasus.
  2. Refrigerated transportation of pharmaceuticals by cars in Europe.
  3. Carriage of goods of the pharmaceutical industry between Germany and Poland.
  4. International shipping of medicines from European countries to Ukraine.
  5. International transportation of cosmetics from Turkey to Ukraine.
  6. International transportation of medical equipment between Europe and Turkey.
  7. The transport of goods of the pharmaceutical industry between the Balkans and Western Europe.
  8. Refrigerated transport of the medicines by road on the territory of Poland.
  9. Carriage of medicines on the territory of Ukraine.

Comprehensive services. We provide all services: international transportation, loading-unloading, insurance, partners warehousing, repacking, preparation of customs and accompanying documentation.

Adaptation to the market. We know all the peculiarities of transport in this sector and guarantee timely deliveries in all weather conditions.

Financial guarantees. Medicines and cosmetics are quite expensive types of cargo, so we insure it for the full price. You will receive full compensation in case of the loss and the loss of the cargo and the damages from late delivery.

Ecology. In our work, we adhere to the rules and regulations for the protection of the environment. We guarantee the perfect condition of the delivered equipment and absence of problems with leaks and losses of dangerous goods, pharmaceutical, and health products.

Specialized fleet. Transportation of cosmetics, medicines, medications, and equipment is performed by specially designed for cargo transport.

Specialized fleet. Transportation of cosmetics, medicines, medications, and equipment is performed by specially designed for cargo transport.

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