Logicom Group company provides services of European quality through transportation of alcohol across Ukraine and Europe. We perform the export and import of alcohol, as well as any alcohol-containing products.

If you need to transport alcohol, the Logicom Group company will perform it quickly, efficiently and inexpensively with a guarantee and full respect of delivery times. Alcoholic products require a balanced approach and exacting logistics for successful shipping operations.

Fragile beverage containers, special requirements for storage and transport of alcoholic products impose limitations on delivery of products of this type. Logicom Group company for quite a long time successfully has been working in the international market for such services, introducing a self-developed scheme of transportation of alcoholic beverages.

We consider all your wishes and needs, making the most optimal routes taking into account excise duties of the carriage. Regardless of the place of departure or destination, you will always receive your goods on time, due to established strong links with foreign partners and the full compliance of documentation with the legislation of the countries through which with the goods are delivered.

Transportation of alcohol is a quite broad concept, which includes the transportation of goods such as wine, beer, vodka, vermouth, brandy and other alcohol-containing liquids. It is important to understand that the cargo is extremely fragile and sensitive to external factors, so it is very important to follow all the rules of carriage, ranging from the packaging and its integrity, fixation in the transport, stickers, labeling and the maintenance of optimum temperature and so on.

Logicom Group staff have extensive experience in such traffic while respecting all the requirements of the Russian and foreign legislation. We will provide all necessary legal, sanitary and hygienic and technical conditions for the successful cargo delivery of any complexity. Our experts will provide careful control at the loading of the goods correct packaging, the accuracy of the placement on the pallet (to avoid breakage of the products), the validity of the product documentation, control of the movement of goods in transit and informing the customer.

Export and import of alcoholic production have its specificity, therefore our employees possess all necessary qualifications for the most complex export-import operations. We know all about the market peculiarities, the legislation of the importing and exporting countries to ensure the safety of the cargo throughout its route.

We have established cooperation with foreign partners to develop and select the most optimal routes.

Knowledge of the characteristics of the market of alcoholic products. Transportation of alcoholic products is based on an integrated approach and knowledge of market peculiarities. We guarantee safety, online monitoring of the transportation process, fast and quality delivery in compliance with the terms and conditions.

Extensive experience. Our company’s experience in the market is more than 7 years, during which we thoroughly examined all the features and peculiarities of alcohol shipments. We will satisfy all your needs and wishes, bringing cargo in optimal terms to any place of Ukraine and Europe.

High-quality security. Alcohol products are not cheap, so we cooperate with the security agencies throughout the route of the cargo, ensuring the safe import and export.

Reliability. We use only proven carriers, who follow our rules and technology of cargoes transportation in the international ratio.

Any transportation of alcohol by transportation company has its own characteristics, in particular, the presence of excise stamps. For example, legislation in many EU countries implies the permission to import alcohol only with affixed excise stamps, and full conformity with the documentation.

All accompanying documents must be marked, they shall bear the original seals of the alcohol producer, importer, and carrier. Our lawyers constantly monitor any changes in the legislation of countries-consignees of goods, taking full responsibility for complying with the rules, standards, and regulations, for the registration of all necessary documentation.

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