Clothing and fabrics

Clothing and fabrics

International company Logicom Group provides professional services in the transportation of products of the light industry as clothing, fabrics, textile material, components, accessories by the road transport. Quickly, efficiently and inexpensively we deliver your goods all over Europe, and shipping costs will be a pleasant surprise for many of you.

The international carriage of clothing and fabrics every year increases its share in the field of transport deliveries, as the goods market shows a good growth momentum. Today there is support for the light industry at the state level not only in Ukraine, allowing the import and export of goods to grow exponentially.

We will help you to establish cooperation with your foreign partners in deliveries of raw materials and finished goods. Extensive experience in the field of transport market allows us to guarantee timely delivery, the safety of cargo, and to take into account all your wishes in the selection of the route.

Transport of clothing by road transport must be done under certain conditions of the controlled environment. It is unacceptable to excess atmospheric moisture as it can ruin fabrics and clothing. To ensure the safety a special packaging is used, it’s a special type of the packages or covers made from polyethylene.
In addition, the application of fixed racks and containers in the van is practiced. International transportation both of clothes and fabrics require compulsory labeling, which is a “data warehouse” of the product. By using labeling you can learn about the producer, date of manufacture, product warranty. We help to mark the goods at our warehouses, and also provide additional services such as printing barcodes.

Extensive international experience and market knowledge enable us to guarantee most favorable terms of cooperation.

The customers can expect:

  1. Individual approach to each delivery.
  2. Project and cargo routes development.
  3. Consideration of any potential risks and delays in transit.
  4. Selection of transport taking into account the characteristics of the cargo.
  5. Control of loading-unloading and the integrity of the cargo.
  6. Ensuring the necessary level of security of cargo on the road.
  7. 24-hour control of transport in each of its stages.

International carriage of fabric and clothing includes the delivery of such types of cargo as:

  1. Underclothes
  2. Stockings, socks, tights
  3. Leather haberdashery articles
  4. Fabric, textiles
  5. Threads, accessories
  6. Shoes
  7. Carpet roll and so on.

Road transport is the most accessible and preferred for transportation of goods of light industry. It is quite capacious and allows to create favorable conditions for transportations and safety of cargo. The main type of transport for the carriage of clothing is tautliner and metal semitrailers. We also provide transportation of light industry products both by separate cars and groupage goods that allows to optimize the cost of delivery of cargoes.

  1. Road transportation of goods of light industry in the territory of the European Union
  2. The international carriage of fabrics and clothing from Europe to Ukraine
  3. Delivery of footwear and clothing from Poland to Ukraine
  4. The international carriage of fabrics and clothing from Turkey to Ukraine
  5. Carriage of goods of light industry between the Balkans and Western Europe
  6. Carriage of clothing and footwear in the territory of Ukraine.

The highest level of professionalism. For us there are no impossible tasks, we professionally carry out any delivery, whether footwear transportation or threads delivery. We guarantee the safety and timely delivery of cargo to any destination.

Financial guarantees. Clothing is an expensive commodity, so we underwrite the goods at the full price in leading companies in Europe.

Foreign partners. We cooperate with leading European warehouses and carriers to ensure the timely delivery and the safety of your cargo.

Extensive experience. For over 7 years we deliver clothing throughout Europe, developing more efficient and reliable methods and routes of delivery.

Choose the right service for you right now or order an individual miscalculation from the Manager on the phone  +48 (22) 390-64-48 or write to us at mail.