Cosmetics and hygiene

Cosmetics and hygiene

Transportation and logistics Logicom Group company offers professional delivery of cosmetics, perfumes, hygienic products, and cosmetic products. Transportation is carried out in Europe, the CIS, Ukraine, and Turkey – quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. We provide high-quality services of European level, respecting delivery terms and all commitments.

According to the data of the market, cosmetic and perfumery products are constantly increasing their presence in transnational transport. As its base is imported cosmetics and perfumes. High-quality international transportation of cosmetics, hygienic products, and related products today is moving to the foreground.

Transportation requires a circumspect and proven logistic scheme with the participation of many foreign partners. In this case, the smooth transportation of cosmetic goods will be possible in large volumes.

Extensive experience and established international contacts, highly qualified performers at all levels, starting from logistics and ending with the drivers, carefully prepared documentation and optimal routes of delivery allow us to guarantee the success of any transportation of cosmetics and perfumes regardless of distances and borders.

Regional and international transportations of cosmetics are based on the type of goods and conditions of its transportation and storage. We offer transportation of:

  1. Liquid and solid soaps, shower gels.
  2. Foams and gels for shaving.
  3. Shampoos, balms, conditioners and other means for hair care.
  4. Perfumery EDT, perfumes.
  5. Deodorants of all types.
  6. Decorative cosmetics.

Logicom Group company takes into account all peculiarities of the transported goods, arranging transportation of perfumery and related products to meet and maintain a certain temperature.

The easiest way to ensure fast and quality delivery in compliance with the deadlines is to do it by road transport, which does not depend on the schedules of airports, railway stations, seaports. International transportation of perfumery and cosmetics are carried out round the clock throughout the year with the use of special refrigerated vehicle fleet, adapted for delivery of trucks and trailers.

  1. Road transport of cosmetic and hygienic products between Europe and the Caucasus.
  2. Road transport of cosmetics across Europe.
  3. International transportation of cosmetic and hygienic products from Europe to Ukraine.
  4. Transportation of cosmetic and hygienic products from EU countries to Poland.
  5. International transport of cosmetic and hygienic products from Turkey to Ukraine.
  6. Delivery of cosmetic and hygienic products between the Balkans and Western Europe.
  7. Road transportation of cosmetic and hygienic products on the territory of Poland.
  8. Freight road transport of cosmetic and hygiene products on the territory of Ukraine.

We offer an individual approach to each client taking into account his wishes and the characteristics of the goods. Cooperating with reliable foreign transportation and logistics centers, we select optimal routes, coordinating and monitoring all stages of goods moving.

Every our customer can count on quality service, which includes:

  1. Analysis of possible risks.
  2. Preparation of the primary and secondary routes.
  3. All the cares connected with control, loading, and unloading of goods.
  4. All the cares connected with control, loading, and unloading of goods.
  5. Customs support in conjunction with the preparation of all necessary documentation.
  6. Control of the transportation process with the use of modern satellite navigation.
  7. Analysis of the cargo and selection of adapted vehicles.
  8. Participation in delivery of foreign partners of Logicom Group.

Services in the package. Take care of all your worries, providing a full range of delivery services. Logistics, customs, documentation, security support, consulting services, full insurance against all risks, warehouse services – we provide everything for the successful transportation of goods to Ukraine and Europe.

Financial guarantees. Your goods will be insured against all risks including damage, loss of goods, delayed delivery in the largest financial companies of Ukraine and Europe.

Professionalism and experience. We transport cosmetics and perfumes for 7 years, accumulating considerable experience and continuously improving delivery. If you need a reliable carrier, whose professionalism is not in doubt, Logicom Group will be the best choice.

Proven reliability. During our work, we have never betrayed our partners, showing the efficiency in any conditions. Our clients are hundreds of companies and their number is increasing every year.

Understanding of the market. We know everything about the features and business environment of the cosmetic and perfumery products market. We cannot be confounded, each our step in the preparation of the traffic project is based on real experience and clear understanding of all the nuances and aspects of such services.

The lawyers of the Logicom Group company are constantly monitoring the observance of international norms, standards, and rules on the carriage. Your shipment will be provided with the necessary and relevant documentation.

Choose the right service for you right now or order an individual miscalculation from the Manager on the phone  +48 (22) 390-64-48 or write to us at mail.