Our advantages

Our advantages

Logicom Group has been a reliable and responsible partner in the field of logistics activities for over 7 years, and provides the complex of logistics services in Poland, Europe, Ukraine and the CIS countries. The Company currently employs highly qualified professional, who provide services in a rapid and quality manner with due account for the individual tasks of each customer.

The main warranty obligations applied in respect of all services of the Company are as follows:
– Timely arrival of transport for loading of goods;
– Arrival of goods for unloading within the established time limit;
– Compliance with all sanitary and environmental standards for cargo transportation;
– Freight forwarder liability insurance.

The hundreds of large companies have already appreciated responsibility and professionalism of Logicom Group, as well as the full compliance with the contract conditions. Partners and customers are not just satisfied with the high level of service, but also recommend Logicom Group to their friends. This ensures that today up to 30% of new customers conclude contracts for cargo transportation upon the recommendations of our existing customers.

Logicom Goup in figures as of today:

  1. More than 100 satisfied customers.
  2. More than 300 transported goods per month.
  3. Cargo transportation between all regions and countries of the European Union and CIS.
  4. More than 500 motor vehicles in disposal.

And that’s just the beginning of the record of accomplishments of Logicom Group.

  1. Fast and qualitative execution of shipping requests due to availability of constant transport.
  2. Economies for customers with no loss in quality due to full interaction of Kyiv-Warsaw offices.
  3. Handling and storage of any type of cargo from one cubic meter due to consolidation warehouses in Europe.
  4. Complete package of brokerage services at the customs.
  5. Full guarantee of safety and punctual delivery due to a low price of cargo insurance.

Besides, the European level of quality implies the competitive affordable prices in the market and an individual approach to each customer. Logicom Group can achieve this level due to extensive base of carriers proven by years of market presence.

Any company can address to Logicom Group, because there are managers with the knowledge of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. Each customer will get a personal manager, who performs prompt computation of individual tasks of logistics operations, even for the most hard-to-reach points of destination. This manager shall be engaged in the cargo transportation from the moment of execution of documentation until delivery, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Due to cooperation with an extensive base of carriers, the cargo arrives at the point of destination within the established time limit, and the number of satisfied customers of Logicom Group increases.