About company

About company

The year 2011 was a fundamental year for Logicom Group. Development of the Company and formation of the main offices in Warsaw and Kiev took place on that particular period. Since that moment there was a brisk development of the staff of experienced employees, increase in demand for transportation services provided by the Company and expansion in the number of regular customers.

Through strenuous work, Logicom Group gradually rose to a new level. The results-oriented approach to the business bore fruit, and in 2015 the Company’s management team proceeded to the purchase of own motor vehicles. Own fleet of motor vehicles affords an opportunity to keep the operational efficiency of logistics procedures under full control. Few, if any, shipping companies can boast of such result. However, there is more to come.

Sergey Filonchuk, the Chairman of the Management Board says: “Our mission is to provide the logistics services at the European level: pedantic, honest and transparent. We strive to expand the horizons of our customers’ trade with the neighbouring countries and beyond on mutually beneficial terms.

Primary objectives of our work:
· Development of services with full immersion in the finer points of our customers’ business; 
· Creation of the full cycle of logistics operations. The customer gives conditions, and we will take personal charge of all the rest..
· Optimization of transport and logistics operations. We perform the quickest possible cargo transportation by all means of transport.

We work daily on the professional and personal development to achieve the target goals, and the level that we demonstrate as of today is a case in point”.

  1. International cargo transportation by tilt-covered trucks, refrigerated trucks, car transporter trucks, truck tanks, tank lorries, grain trucks and platform for transportation of oversize goods.
  2. Intra-European transportation as a part of consolidation and by individual cars, warehousing services provided by the European warehouses and delivery of goods to the CIS countries and Ukraine.
  3. International logistics by sea, air and rail.
  4. International export and/or import.
  5. Technical services for export and/or import of goods.
  6. The full range of brokerage services (including execution of documentation and customs clearance on behalf of the Company).
  7. Cargo insurance in the leading insurance companies.